Every Child Deserves a Shot at Life


Some moms walk 15 miles to reach life-saving vaccines for their children. We invite you to join us and spend 15 minutes (or less!) each day during World Immunization Week – now through April 28th – to help spread the word about the importance of global vaccines to give every child a shot at ahealthy life.

Check out our list of actions below for inspiration and educate your online and offline networks about the critical need for childhood vaccinations. Anything you can do to support Shot@Life would be amazing! Thank you, and let us know if you have questions!

Action a Day

  • Saturday, April 21: Post a Shot@Life ad on your blog during launch week. You are welcome to use any photos from the Shot@Life Flickr page!
  • Sunday, April 22: People will be hosting Shot@Life events during launch week. Check out the hashtag #vaccineswork and retweet about local events.
  • Monday, April 23: Write a blog post about the Shot@Life campaign and share it via Shot@Life’s blog carnival on April 23. All submitted posts will be promoted via the Shot@Life blog and social media throughout the week. See below for content ideas.
  • Tuesday, April 24: Share about the campaign via Facebook, tagging Shot@Life in the post. See below for content ideas.
  • Wednesday, April 25: Shot@Life will collect 15-second videos from celebrities and supporters across the country on Facebook and Twitter via the Tout mobile app. Download the app and share a video via the Shot@Life Facebook tab. See below for content ideas.
  • Thursday, April 26: During the Shot@Life national launch event in Atlanta (4/26 from 9-noon EST), Shot@Life will live tweet from the event. Join the conversation on Twitter via the hashtag #vaccineswork.
  • Friday, April 27: Snap or post an old photo of your child achieving a milestone and share why that milestone was important to you. Tag or tweet Shot@Life in your update so we can share it!
  • Saturday, April 28: In whatever way feels best/easiest, share about Shot@Life, whether that’s a closing blog post, tweet, Facebook update, Pinterest image, or something else.

Be sure to visit Shot@Life on Facebook for daily updates!

Content Ideas (for blog posts, tweets, videos, etc.)*

  • Why you are a supporter of Shot@Life
  • Encourage your readers to join the campaign and donate during launch week at shot@life.org
  • What do you want to give children around the world a shot at?
  • What is your favorite childhood milestone?
  • Why you are standing up for childhood?
  • What is your wish for children in the developing world?
  • 1 in 5 children do not have access to life-saving vaccines that we in the developed world can so easily take for granted.
  • Every 20 seconds (approximately 1.5 million children each year) a child will die from a preventable disease -- too often a disease that could have been prevented by an immunization.
  • For $20 you can protect a child for a life from four diseases. What have you purchased recently for $20 (e.g., three 64-pack boxes of Crayola Crayons, two bottles of bubble bath, four tubs of baby wipes). Share about something you recently spent $20 on and encourage donation at http://shotatlife.org/donate
  • Some moms walk 15 miles to reach life-saving vaccines for their children. Can you spare 15 minutes (or even as little as 15 seconds) to share about this campaign?

*You are welcome to use photos from the Shot@Life photos on Flickr.