Blogstar+The Mission List: The community you've been waiting for


The Mission List and Sarah Bryden Brown of Blogstar are coming together to build a new online community of women who want to use their social media influence to do good, build their personal brand and expertise, master new skills, and have a wonderful time while doing it! The Mission List is an online marketing network of women who want to use their social media influence for good.

We believe this new network will be the online hub you’ve been looking for: a community to share your strengths, take advantage of each others’ wisdom, and engage in meaningful online marketing campaigns. We want to take you further, and we will work hard to build a place you want to stay with. Whether you love to write about design, parenting, home, work, or a little bit of everything, we hope you will join us in this new enterprise.

The new online community will be a place for you to connect, but we will also offer free webinars and skills-building sessions that help you build your online influence. As part of The Mission List community, you will also have the opportunity to take part in online campaigns and events that are creative, fun, and good. I’ll explain what that means.

Women Online, the “parent” brand of The Mission List, is an award-winning digital PR firm that works with brands, not for profits, and campaigns that are driven by social good. The work we’ve been doing with clients over the last few years with organizations like American Cancer Society, Families and Work Institute/SHRM, UN Foundation,, The Sloan Foundation and EMILY’s List focuses on bringing together communities of influential women online, fully briefing you on an issue, and working together to come up with engaging, exciting and, frankly, fun things to do on social media to amplify an issue and mobilize voices. We’ve worked with design communities, with and Tiny Prints, for dogs and cats, for moms; with incredible organizations from Harvard to EMILYs List to Real Simple Magazine. Our work is creative and it takes many forms, but underpinning every campaign we work on is a desire to get a message out using social media.

Once you join The Mission List and our online community, we will keep you abreast of campaigns we think you’ll find interesting. We are committed to compensating you for your time and ideas and will work tirelessly to bring awesome clients on board who are attuned to this vision. Every now and then, we also will take on a pro bono client, and will touch base to see if you are interested in participating if it's well tuned to your interests. We value your input and ideas and often we will invite you to join us for focus groups and online conversations where you’ll consult with brands and organizations.

For our clients at Women Online, TML creates effective online organizing campaigns around social good causes. We vet applicants to ensure that our members are highly creative, passionate, and influential women with a desire to use their skills to improve their communities both large and small. List Members are usually compensated for their time and talents. The Mission List is a high-impact, curated list of women ready and willing to use their online influence to act on causes they care about. Our influencers lead communities of women both online and off that want to use their megaphones to bring greater attention to these issues.

The Mission List icon is our “megaphone girl”. We know you all have powerful megaphones, and we hope working together will amplify not only the voices of the clients we work to support, but your own voices as professionals and as social media influencers.

We think this is a new way of doing business in the digital commons, and we look forward to growing it together. If you have any questions, please email me at morra[at]