Rio+20: An open letter from the United Nations Foundation

The following is an open letter from Aaron Sherinian, Vice President of Communications and Public Affairs at the United Nations Foundation. If you would like to get more involved with Rio+Social and the issues the UNF fights for, you can connect with Morra at morra[at]wearewomenonline[dot]com. I am writing you this e-mail because I think you are a person of influence.  People listen to you.  I listen to you.  We all know you're smart and want to follow the things that you think are important.

This is why I am inviting you to attend a Summit meeting with me.

I am on my way to Brazil for the Rio+20 Summit.  It's not just any summit meeting.  This meeting is a chance for the world to really get engaged with the conversation about what our world will look like moving forward.  What kind of cities will we inhabit?  What kind of air will we breathe?  Will people be poor or die from diseases we know how to cure?  This is big stuff, and it deserves serious discussion.

That's why I am inviting you to join me by tuning in on June 19 to the web broadcast of Rio+Social.  We are bringing together 500 of the top digital influencers and social media leaders to talk with world leaders and the UN about the future of our planet.  If I could, I would rent an airplane and bring all of you with me, but the livestreaming video gets you just as close to the action.

What can you do?  Join me in Rio by checking out on June 19.  Watch the speeches, talk about the issues, and share them with your social networks.  You can check out the program, see who is speaking, submit a question, and join the buzz on Facebook and Twitter.  I will be there and you can count on me to help get your ideas and your voices heard.

Thanks for being an influence for good.

Best, -Aaron