Blogust is here!


Blogust is here! From now through August 31, 31 fabulous bloggers will be telling the story of what inspires them. Blogust is a first-of-its-kind blog relay for good that is bringing together 31 of the most influential online voices in the country to change the world through blogging. Each day throughout the month of August, one influencer will post about someone that inspires them and then “pass the baton” to another blogger for the following day. The twist is this: every comment on a Blogust post will initiate a $20 donation to help immunize a child in a developing country. Today Cecily Kellogg at Uppercase Woman kicks off Blogust by talking about how comments supported her during an incomprehensibly difficult time in her life:

When I was in the hospital in 2004, waiting to find out if my babies and I would survive, Sarah printed out ten pages of your comments and brought them to me in the hospital.


I didn’t have a smart phone back then, so I couldn’t get online when I wasn’t at home. I didn’t have a laptop yet, and the hospital didn’t have wifi anyway, so there was no way I was going to see your words of comfort and support other than on paper.


I cannot tell you how much reading through those comments as I lay in the hospital meant to me. They kept me sane. They gave me hope.


And when the boys died, the only thing that helped me stay connected to this world was all of you, reading, supporting, listening to my anger and grief and rage and sadness. It mattered.

Comment on Cecily's blog today -- each of your comments will bring vaccinations to a child for life. And then stay tuned to the Blogust calendar and comment every day!