Amazing Day: American Cancer Society Blogger Meet-up


Audrey McClelland wrote this piece for her blog, Audrey Confidential, after attending a blogger meetup hosted by the American Cancer Society. This is just another example of how proud we are of the amazing women we get to work with every day! Cancer touched my family this past year through my husband. It has been quite the roller coaster ride and quite the unexpected adventure. What got us through the last 6 months was the togetherness and the closeness of my family and friends and blogging community. They were the ones who picked me up on some of my hardest days and got me through.

My dear friend Christine Koh invited me to an event at the American Cancer Society that she was co-hosting for a special blogger meet-up. I was honored to be invited because I have been wanting to find ways to learn more about ACS and also get myself more involved.

It was one of the most incredible meet-up’s ever because it was so powerful and so filled with emotion for me. The American Cancer Society More Birthdays campaign hits home to me.

We had the opportunity to participate in a group mosaic project (led by Darryle Pollack) to honor Susan Niebur, a member of our blogging community who lost her fight to breast cancer in February:











Photo credit Audrey McClelland