Turning a blog into a movement - Living Well With Epilepsy


Below is a guest post from TML member Jessica Keenan Smith. Jessica is a woman with epilepsy who has created an award-winning blog, Living Well With Epilepsy

You might be surprised to learn that there are more than 2.2 Million Americans, and 70 Million people around the world, who have been diagnosed as having epilepsy yet 70 percent of those cases have no known cause. And, approximately 50,000 deaths in the US last year were attributed to epilepsy and seizures. That's the same mortality rate as breast cancer and more than died from AIDS at the height of the crisis.

Echoing Green, through a partnership with GoodMaker, recently asked the question, “How would you spend $1000 to build deeper relationships with the community you most want to serve?” In turn, I've responded with a vision to transform my blog into a movement.

The Mission List is working with Living Well With Epilepsy to raise awareness about epilepsy and to help those living with this vastly misunderstood disorder. You can help by:
    1. Voting at http://purpose.maker.good.is/projects/epilepsy
    2. Spreading the word on social media outlets. For sample text to use on your blog, Twitter, Facebook, etc. You can also join the Living Well With Epilepsy Campaign group on TML at http://members.themissionlist.com/community/groups/living-well-with-epilepsy-campaign/
    3. Leave a comment at http://purpose.maker.good.is/projects/epilepsy
    4. Retweet @jessicaksmith
The challenge is currently underway and will continue until Wednesday August 22, 2012. To vote, visit: http://purpose.maker.good.is/projects/epilepsy

If this issue that affects so many speaks to you, vote and get involved! Thank you.