We did it! 10,000 lives saved through Blogust


Wow! In just 29 days Shot@Life has reached it's goal. If you haven't taken in part in Blogust -- a blog relay where each comment gives Shot@Life a $20 donation, enough money to vaccinate one child for life. Sometime this morning, Blogust will reach it's goal of 10,000 comments to save 10,000 lives by bringing vaccines to children in the developing world. We've been so honored to work on this project and play a small role in bringing vaccines to the 10,000 children who may have died without them. If you haven't taken part in Blogust yet, there's still time. Head on over to Stacey Ferguson's blog, Life Is the Party and leave her a comment and save a life!

In the spirit of Blogust and the impact the small action of commenting has had over the month, I would love for you to comment here. A few ideas you might think about for your comments: share what healthy kids mean to you; say what you’d like to give a child a shot at; write about what your commenter(s) have meant to you; or share your thoughts on Blogust!  And then take action to help by pledging your supportwriting Congress, getting involved and share the campaign with your social networks.