The Mission List + Barack Obama


Women Online and The Mission List are non-partisan organizations; we work for many different causes and clients and we welcome everyone to join the list. That said, I don’t keep my politics a secret. I’m a proud Democrat and I support President Obama.

If you do too, we invite you to join us in a “Social Media Sprint” to the finish: Election Day.  We are working with the Obama campaign to create a “social media sprint” to Election Day (#blogforobama). We’re asking some of America’s top social media voices to sprint with us by engaging with their audiences to inspire them to support President Obama and get out and vote on November 6.

The Sprint will culminate in a blog carnival on Nov. 1, 2012: just in time for the final weekend before Election Day. This weekend is hugely important to GOTV and we want to create as much visibility (“Viz”- yes, that’s a technical term) as we can!!

Whether you’re a Democrat, Republican or Independent, it is crucial that you vote, and ask your friends to do so!

Go to this website and make sure you’re registered!

Here’s an easy to embed (100% non partisan) widget to place on your blog and encourage everyone you know to get registered!!