Debate One Live Blog


We'll be posting highlights from the first presidential debate right here tonight, starting at 9:00 pm Eastern time. For up-to-the-minute coverage, check out our live tweets over at @TheMissionList (your social media darling can only type so fast). Tweet along with us using #blogforobama. 7:40 - For those of you who don't have cable, or have had your TV choice overruled by non-wonk friends/family members, CSPAN's live feeds have proven quite reliable and non-grainy:

8:50 - Debate moderator, Jim Lehrer, is laying down the law: No audience participation at all!

9:05 - "We've still got a lot of work to do...the question isn't where we've been, but where we're going" - Pres. Obama Amen!

9:13 - For more information on Mitt Romney's detail-free five point plan check out this:

9:27 - Mitt says he'll cut funding to PBS. Does her realize the moderator works for PBS? We <3 Jim.

9:34 - "There has to be revenue in addition to cuts - Mitt Romney has ruled out revenue" - Pres. Obama

9:36 - "If we're ruling out revenues, we have to cut a whole bunch of stuff ...we don't want to do that"

9:46 - "What you've got  is folks like my grandmother at the mercy of the health insurance companies at the time they're most vulnerable"

9:56 - "Does anyone think there was too much oversight of the banks and wall street?" -- Pres. Obama

10:01 - "We have a system in which we can begin to bring down health care costs" -- Pres. Obama

10:12 - Mitt Romney seems awfully keen on abandoning the health care plan he championed

10:20 - Hey! This plan to cut the middle man out of government subsidized student loans benefitted yours truly directly.

10:23 - Does Mitt realize he's vying to win the gov't subsidized house, salary, and plane?

10:36 - Thanks for joining us! Keep an eye out for a Storify post of the best tweets from tonight's #blogforobama watch party