#Fillthecup: Hunger is a Solvable Problem


The red cup is a simple image with a strong meaning. The World Food Program uses these red cups to feed a child a healthy, nutritious school meal. A meal that not only nourishes their growing bodies, but gives them the fuel they need to excel in school and realize their full potential. Just 25 cents fills a red cup with porridge, rice or beans and gives girls a monthly ration to take home. When you fill a cup, you feed a child’s dream.  

As we contemplate so much PLENTY this holiday season, I'm happy to help the World Food Program USA. Starting today, bloggers from The Mission List and beyond will be doing their part to raise awareness that hunger is a solvable problem. We are starting with a look at the difference that lunch in school makes for each child that is fed as well as their entire families. As we know, a child with a full belly is a child that can focus on learning and retain information - that child is also one less mouth to feed for his or her parents and a reason to get them to school each day.

One of the most fun parts of our work here is the chance to experiment with new forms of visual media to tell stories. We're working with a striking image- the red cup, but also using a fun new Tumblr to showcase ideas, actions, and stories from our team. I'm compelled by the red cup itself: made in Kenya, its red plastic is sturdy and the item itself unremarkable. But I think of all the symbolism and emotion that we imbue into the simple cup- from your favorite coffee mug to the Holy Grail itself - and I'm moved by what these simple plastic cups can bring to kids many miles away.

Please join me in supporting the World Food Program this holiday season.

1) Grab the badge here: http://www.themissionlist.com/wfp-usa/ Write about the impact of hunger on children and highlight the fact that hunger is a solvable problem. Learn more about school meals here.

2) Donate to the World Food Program and support school meals: http://bit.ly/Z622ji