Our bloggers are helping #fillthecup this holiday season

486179_557906400891306_1245320700_nHunger is a solvable problem. It's not that we don't know how to produce enough food to feed everyone. The problem stems from disparities between rich and poor, the developed and developing worlds. This month, some of our TML bloggers are working with World Food Program USA to address this problem. They're virtually passing WFP's iconic red cup  around the web to promote a greater awareness of what WFPUSA is doing to help alleviate childhood hunger. Check out some of their (heartstrings-tugging) posts:  

Heidi Oran: "Filling Cups, Changing Lives ~ #fillthecup"

Christine Koh of Boston Mamas: "Fill a Cup, Feed a Dream"

Dresden Schumaker of Creating Motherhood: "Let this cup pass from me"

Morra Aarons-Mele of The Mission List: "#fillthecup: Hunger is a Solvable Problem"

Krishann of His Mrs. Her Mr.: "My Cup Runs Over So Now I Will FILL A CUP"

Jessica McFadden of A Parent in America: "#fillthecup Fight Childhood Hunger Worldwide"

Ana Flores of Spanglish Baby: "Filling Our Red Cup: A Symbol of Hope"

Laurie White of Laurie Writes: "Fill The Cup For Kids Around The World"

Heather Barmore of Poliogue: "What's in a Cup?"

Kelly Wickham of Mocha Momma: "Fighting Hunger Worldwide"

Jessica Cohen of Found the Marbles: "How to Fill Your (Red) Cup"

Alex Asher Sears: "#fillthecup: spare some change. be the change"

Connie Roberts of Brain Foggles: "Help End World Hunger: #FillTheCup"



Image credit: World Food Program USA