What's the impact of a vaccine?


Taking your child to the doctor to receive her early childhood vaccinations takes only short amount of time. And then, we have the luxury of not worrying about measles, mumps, polio, or other diseases easily preventable with vaccinations. But the impact of those vaccines lasts a lifetime. For those children in the developing world who do not receive critical childhood vaccinations, the threat of disease lasts a lifetime.

Last summer, Shot@Life succeeded in raising awareness of critical need for  childhood vaccinations in the developing world. This month, 28 Days of Impact, a blog relay, will celebrate the impact vaccines have on children in developing countries every day during February.

Today, Cecily Kellogg of Uppercase Woman tells the story of Rukhsar -- the last known case of polio in India.

It’s incredible to see the impact vaccines have on children around the world. We’re asking everyone to join this effort and sustain the impact by sending an email to your member of congress asking them to make sure global health and vaccines are a priority in the new Congress.