What does the Taliban fear most? A girl with a strong voice for change.


Malala YousafzaiLast year, 15 year old Malala Yousafzai survived an assassination attempt by the Pakistani Taliban. Why would terrorists fear a 15 year old girl? Because Malala Yousafzai is an activist fighting for girls' education. Yes, that's right, the Taliban is so fearful of girls' empowerment through education they would go so far as to shoot a young girl in the head. Today, for the first time since the attempt on her life, Malala is speaking out again. You can watch her first message to the public on YouTube.

If you're interested in joining Malala in her fight, you can text BRAVE to 27722 to donate $10 to the Malala Fund for girls' education (or visit the site to make a donation of another amount). The Malala Fund is directed by Malala, her family, and a group of expert advisors. Spread the word online using #MalalaFund and #IAmMalala on Twitter. You can also follow Vital Voices, an NGO supporting Malala's work, on Facebook and Twitter. You can also learn more about the Malala Fund here.

Photo credit Adam B. Ellick/The New York Times