The Push for Vaccines is Mainstream


One of our favorite client campaigns, Shot@Life, is reinventing the model of advocacy. Learn more in the New York Times Motherlode column and Via Family Matters blog

In Global Push for Vaccination, Moms Give Kids a Shot@Life by Bonnie Rochman

Moms get things done. They can unload the dishwasher, pack the kids’ lunches, throw in a load of laundry and answer a barrage of emails — all before anyone else in the household awakes.

Which is why the United Nations Foundation’s Shot@Life campaign brought 118 mothers — and two dads — to Washington, D.C. this week. Launched in 2012, Shot@Life promotes global vaccination as a way to decrease child mortality in the developing world. Such campaigns have been critical in eradicating polio, for example. But children are still dying from chicken pox and measles — diseases that are preventable with proper immunization. “This issue really resonates with American mothers,” says Devi Thomas, director of Shot@Life. “We are talking about the universality of motherhood.”

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Via the New York Times Motherlode  blog

Business Travel for a Cause: Admirable. Still Painful. by KJ Dell'Anotonia

Which makes some of the parents I met in the course of my travels all the more admirable. The United Nations  Foundation invited nearly 100 advocates for global vaccination to come to Washington, D.C. to learn more about the issue, be trained in media outreach and fundraising, and then to visit Capitol Hill and meet with their Senate and House representatives. Some were experienced lobbyists (in the advocacy sense, rather than the don’t-make-laws-that-limit-our-products sense; others would be shaking hands with a representative  or a senator for the first time that day.

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