How do we compromise and talk sensibly about gun control?


We just had to share this brilliant post from Korinthia Klein, of The Quiet Corner. Korinthia joined us to talk gun control policy and safety with Demand Action and crafted this incredibly well thought out post in response. Just has Korinthia states, there is no one easy answer to keeping our communities safe from gun violence (or any kind of violence). Solutions will take compromise from both sides, but is that even possible?

I have tried to engage gun enthusiasts I know in discussions so that I may better understand their side.  I don't relate to the kind of passion I see for gun rights that I reserve for my family, but I think for many gun owners it's the same thing, since they see possessing weapons as a way of protecting what they love.  I look at the statistics available about what having a gun in the home means in terms of the risk it poses to people I care about and come to a different conclusion.  This difference in world view is emotional for people on both sides, and problems in communication may come down to the fact that the presence of guns makes some feel safer, and others feel less safe.

We encourage you to go read the whole thing and give some thought to this yourself. Have you written about gun control policy? We'd love to share your post - email kaitlyn at wearewomenonline dot com.

Image via Demand Action.