Modeling Joy


We're so excited to share an excerpt of a piece from our fearless leader Morra Aarons-Mele that appeared in The Accelerators blog in the online Wall Street Journal. Be sure to read the entire piece and learn about Morra's thoughts on working, being a mother, and acting as a strong, positive role model to her two sons.

The stumbling block, I believe, to many women starting their own companies is that they worry they won’t have enough time to be “good moms.” I would not have started my company, Women Online, had I thought too much about it. Instead, my business began because I freelanced through graduate school and then again when I was pregnant and a new mom. I wanted flexibility. What I got was a thriving company.

Our culture’s very image of an entrepreneur is someone who works 24-7. But 60% of full-time working mothers would prefer to be part time. These two facts placed against each other would seem to say that moms aren’t going to be entrepreneurs. I call B.S on that. When you’re an entrepreneur you can decide what kind of work life you model for your children.