Mom Blogging for Good Karma


Have you read the Wall St. Journal's take-down of "mommy" blogging conferences? What did you think? Below is an excerpt of a piece Morra wrote for the Huffington Post on conferences, the blogging world, and doing good together.  The Mom 2.0 Summit, which I just attended, got a lot of snark from the Wall St Journal. On some level, I could understand the snark when seen from an outsider's point of view. Blogger conferences are indeed full of people vying for product endorsement deals. So is "American Idol" and the Super Bowl. It's the American way. Every time I anticipate one of these conferences, I dread the commercialism and feel anxiety over expectations I can't meet. But every time I head home from one, my heart sings, thinking about the amazing women I've just met. I feel my karma in life steer in the right direction just by connecting with women who choose to share their voices through social media. As a woman, it's not an easy thing to share your voice at all. Many people could learn a lot from women online.