Roundup! World Food Program USA's Lunch Money Challenge


School Meals Programme in KenyaWe were honored to be working a team of awesome TML bloggers on the World Food Program USA's most recent campaign -- the Lunch Money Challenge. WFP USA asked people to bring a bag lunch to work for one week and use the money saved to help WFP USA feed kids around the world. Just $50 (or a week's worth of burritos and drinks at Chipotle) can feed one child school meals for an entire year. Brining school meals to kids who need them means that more families will be willing to keep their children in school longer, which is especially critical for girls who would otherwise be taken out of school much younger than their brothers.

A huge thank you to our bloggers who helped promote WFP USA's Lunch Money Challenge!

Connie Roberts, Brain Foggles

Veronica Arreola, Viva la Feminista

Elizabeth Atalay, Documama

Patricia Patton, Patricia A. Patton

Elena Sonnino, Live Do Grow

Leah Campbell, Single Infertile Female

Megan Flynn, Freckled Italian

Leticia Barr, Tech Savvy Mama and Parents

Laura Rossi, My So Called Sensory Life

Bren Herrera, Flanboyant Eats

Dresden Shumaker, Creating Motherhood

Jessica McFadden, A Parent in America

Ana Flores, Spanglish Baby

Laurie White, Laurie Writes

Damaris Banegas, Life According to Damaris

Heather Barmore, Poliogue

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Image credit WFP USA