Link Roundup: What's New in Tech and Social Good

The Monitored Man (New York Times): Lots of people love their Fitbits and fitness/health tracking doodads and apps. Albert Sun, curious about these different options to better track his movement during the day, tried a bunch and is reporting back on why many fitness trackers aren't as accurate as we'd like them to be. A “One Second a Day” Video Like You’ve Never Seen Before (Slate): Save the Children created a video that still - even after several watches - gives me goosebumps. As we close in on the third year of the crisis in Syria, it's important to remember that just because war isn't happening outside our door doesn't mean it isn't happening. Is Upping the Snapchat Game (Mashable): If you're one of the under-25s, chances are good you either have Snapchat or one of your friends has bugged you to get it. has cultivated a strong following on Snapchat and uses the platform to spread its messaging in goofy and personal way.

Swag for Good: Startup Nabs SXSW Freebies for the Homeless (Mashable): If you've been to a conference (and we know lots of you have!) you understand the bonkers amount of swag - most of it not terribly awesome - you receive from vendors and sponsors. Medallia, a Palo Alto-based company is working with Austin's Foundation for the Homeless to collect unwanted swag from attendees to distribute it to those in need.

Researchers Find That Twitter Can Locate HIV Outbreaks (TechCrunch): By monitoring tweets with themes of drug use and sexual activity, researchers are able to predict where HIV outbreaks are likely to occur.