Let's Fight HIV Together Roundup

lsht_Poster_MasoniaMotherhood can be a scary and, sometimes, isolating experience. Those of us who are so plugged into online communities of other parents can take the support we get for granted. But for many women -- especially those who are HIV+ -- those communities of support don't exist. The Center for Disease Control's Let's Stop HIV Together campaign highlights the stories of HIV+ men and women, many of whom are parents. Recently, our bloggers got to talk to Michelle and Masonia, two HIV+ mothers whose resilience and strength inspired us all.

The CDC's Let's Stop HIV Together campaign focuses on eliminating the stigmas and discrimination that, unfortunately, people who are HIV+ still experience. Check out the posts from our bloggers highlighting Michelle and Masonia's stories and the Let's Stop HIV Together campaign:

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Danyelle Little: The Cubicle Chick

Monica Marino: Marino Bambinos

Jessica McFadden: A Parent in America

Tara Pringle Jefferson: The Young Mommy Life

Dresden Shumaker: Creating Motherhood

Raijean Stroud: Swa-Rai

Jessica Ashley: Sassafrass

Karla Borders Pope: Brown Girl Gumbo

Christina Brown: Love Brown Sugar

Stacie Connerty: The Divine Miss Mommy

Kimberly Foster: For Harriet

Arionne Nettles: Urban Shake Magazine

Tiffini Gatlin: The ATL Go To Girl

Heather Hopson: Diary of a First Time Mom

Briana McCarthy: I am Briana McCarthy

Denene Millner: My Brown Baby

Trina Small: The Baby Shopaholic

You can also follow the Let's Stop HIV Together campaign on Twitter and like them on Facebook. Learn more about the campaign participants -- and share some of their amazing stories, too.