Sure, "not all men..." but #yesallwomen

In the wake of yet another horrifying shooting spree, this time on the UC Santa Barbara campus, we come together to mourn and reflect. The shooter, who we won't name here, left behind YouTube videos and a manifesto full of misogynistic extremism. The shooter followed through on his threats to take revenge on the "blond sorority sluts" who had denied him sex, and in his wake left six dead and 13 wounded before taking his own life.

As with so many other shootings, the thrust of the conversation has revolved around mental health: this man was not acting rationally and must be disturbed.

But perhaps more disturbing is the number of men whose views are not so far from the shooter's. Claiming he'd prove himself as the "ultimate alpha male", the shooter's video and manifesto include language of and references to PUA -- or "pick-up artist" -- tactics and men's rights activist talking points.

Yes, not every jilted man is going to go on a rampage, but every woman has felt the threat or fear of violence from men; all women are aware of the feeling of entitlement so many men have when it comes to sex and women's bodies. One Twitter user, who has asked to remain anonymous due to the threats she received, started the hashtag #yesallwomen as a space to talk about the sexism and misogyny women face.

[Warning: content under the hashtag may prove triggering for some folks]

We encourage you to check out the hashtag, contribute and share if you like, and to read this brave piece from TML and WomenOnline friend Rachel Sklar published today in Medium detailing an abusive relationship she was in (and thankfully got out of).